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Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 7 One of those super awkward dinner parties.

Over in Arkansas, ’s brother is trying to get him splattered on the road, and over at the Stackhouse residence, is lurking on the porch, scaring a nervous Sook. She’s not interested in inviting him in for protection or primal sex, and flashes her nice ring at him for emphasis. So they hang out on the porch for awhile and he has another flashback to Germany. Naked Were chick is still pinned against the wall by a bayonet, and is really quite angry at her. After giving her some , she tells him it’s another vampire that leads her pack, before jumping him. Godric rescues his , gently scolding him for not being in control of his emotions. This leads into telling Sook about the meanest cl of Nazi werewolves, and how its a good idea to stay far away from them. However, handsome Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 7 blondie doesn’t tell her what he probably knows, that Russell is their bossman.

Across the cemetery, ’s got her chainsaw ready to cut up the body, but its mysteriously gone. Over at Merlottes, babysits a drunk when the strange man who broke into ’s house ambles in, making a beeline for , who’s slumped behind the bar looking all moody and self destructive. He’s a scruffy but devilishly charming looking vamp, evidently working for Russell and getting all up in ’s business. gets called out to bust up a meth lab in Hotshot, a town more low rent and trashy than Bon Temps on an orgy day, and gets to Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 7 ride up front in the cop car and feel all important. He even gets to act heroic by tackling a guy with a bagful of drugs, and gets distracted by a pretty girlie with an air of mystery. He’s had a fun day, bless him.

vlcsnap 1733383 recaps ep 2 beautifully broken

Respect, William...Talbot's gonna be pissed about his rug though.

Traditionally, the last few minutes of a are the most exciting to build up to the frustrating cliffhanger. flashes his fangs at Russell when he threatens . is beating on some rednecks in the parking lot who disrespect Eggs. New vamp zooms to her istance, getting a huge Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 7 vampire hard on at her fabulous aggression. Note to writers, please keep angry, sweary ? Back to the super awkward dinner, Russell notes that is a complete sap over everyone’s favourite telepath. Lorena wanders in swishing her riding crop and agrees that it’s totally lame. immediately snaps and chucks a lamp at her head, setting the bitch on fire and ruining her grand entrance and Domme fantasy outfit. And finally at house, is also sneering at her pending nuptials with sappy when his Spidey senses tell him the Werewolf has finally arrived. He demands to be invited in, and ole Sook backs down. He goes in fangs out to meet wolfie, and stupid Sook shoots him by accident, probably. Chortle.

A long winded Dr. CE says see you next week kids, play nice in the meantime and most of all, have fun speculating!

Authority convened, and came clean, and the newly vampiric vented her spleen.

Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 7 "Russell Edgington alive? What an epic (bleeping) disaster," chancellor Dieter groans. Funny, that's exactly what I thought about the last two s of "." The chancellors bicker amongst themselves over whether Roman should give and the chance to hunt Russell. Roslyn, the bry Texas vampire, tells Roman that he shouldn't condone and 's "blatant insubordination," and Roman promises to consider their counsel ... but clearly he's the boss.

Roman sends the chancellors away but asks Salome to stay. More exposition: The Sanguinistas have made Russell Edgington, the infamous spine exciser of television newsmen, a folk hero, "their Oa bin Laden," and, Roman says, "the only thing more Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 7 dangerous than a martyr is a 2,000-year-old vampire who hasn't fed in over a year ... Suffering does not kill the appetite for power. It exacerbates it." Roman gives and the okay to hunt Russell; promises to bring him back, or die trying.

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